About First Lead
First Lead is a Venture of G Tech Web Marketing Pvt. Ltd. Our business model is to achieve maximum out come from our resources, we do not believe in sharing any data base or managing campaigns, rather we believe in assured leads, so is we charge for, we have the managed database which we use for targeting the right way to compare the right sector of business.
Our mode of generating leads can be short code, long code, miss call, virtual numbers, emails registrations etc. We assure 100% Genuine and unique leads. Our business model does not allow us to share the leads amongst the same business rivals, so our lead cost is bit expensive but is a good option. Our lead mangers understands the projects, design the sms or mailers, get it approved from the user and schedule the campaign as per the daily consumption of the customer. We are providing leads to many business sectors since 2010, our motto of starting First Lead is to deliver maximum industry from our quality leads.